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Switch Media Concepts is an Australian based Photography and Video co. est. 2009

Switch Media documents Lifestyle and Cultures around the world from meccas in travel, motor sporting,snow,skate,surf,bmx,fmx,art and more. Their aim to is produce inspiring media for the world.

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– Speech Therapy –

– Daniel Sortino –

Daniel Sortino is a Melbourne based Photographer and Graphic Designer. He is interested in High Speed Photography, product photography, architectural photography (interior and exterior) and layout design. His approach to photography uses scientific principles and methods to capture often very interesting subject matter. This approach also translates into his product photography with an emphasis on lighting to represent the product in it’s true form.

We here at Forin are extremely grateful for all of his fantastic work and artistic ideas. Check out his more of his amazing work at – 

Here we are winter 2011 in his studio.


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